Warranty Conditions:

Warranty period not activated until customer returns within 14 days of vehicle delivery for inspection by Namikon.

Customer must undergo training and sign that they understand and accept their responsibilites for maintenance as per instructions. From that point the warranty period is activated.

Any defects found by customer during 14 day period must be brought up with Namikon for rectification. Namikon will fix any defects related to workmanship in as timely manner as possible or during the first inspection wash. Guidelines for maintenance, frequency and manner will be provided.

Guidelines must be adhered to. Failure to do so will void the warranty Warranty inclusions:

No acid rain stains
No wash related marring
No more than 20 per cent loss of gloss for 12 months (1 layer) 5 years (4 layers)
No bird or bat acid stains
No tree sap stains
No defects related to workmanship or material quality