Truck Detailing

Melbourne’s Experts in Truck Detailing

World-leading solutions for truck care and restoration.

Restore that gleaming finish back to your truck with Namikon. As the undisputed leader of truck and semi-truck detailing in Melbourne, we apply an undying passion and a deep knowledge of the systems needed to revert your truck back to factory specifications and get it looking brand-new.

Exclusive Interior Care

You spend so much time inside your truck, so make sure it’s a nice place to be. We apply cutting-edge solutions to every interior surface to remove imperfections and protect it from future damage.

Cut and Polish

We bring your paint job back to peak condition, reversing the effects of the sun, pollution and wear-and-tear. We don’t stop until any scratches, dullness or other defects have been cleaned away.

Stainless Steel Fit Outs

Our truck detailing brings back the shine to your tanks, wheels and bull bar, with a professional stainless steel fit out service to make your truck look the best it’s ever looked.

An Art and Science Fusion

It’s an obsession with surpassing expectations.

Drivers in Melbourne and all across Australia are switching to Namikon for mobile truck detailing and services at our world-class facilities. We’ll match your passion for a perfectly presented vehicle and offer something other detailers don’t. That’s an investment in chemical research and development, to formulate the industry’s most cutting-edge products.

Our customers get exclusive access to the latest knowledge about caring for their vehicle, whether they visit us for truck, car or motorcycle detailing.

A Team of Enthusiasts

The industry’s finest detailers, working on your vehicle.

Every expert at Melbourne brings deep knowledge and a meticulous approach to each project – and won’t stop until absolute perfection has been achieved.

We’ve based our business model on attention-to-detail and quality. To us, volume isn’t important and instead, we take the time to care for your truck as though it was our own, so you drive away with a truck restored to factory specifications and protection against future contamination.

More Services


Our multi-layered coating is backed by chemical research and provides unfaltering protection against fading, oxidation, water staining and ageing.

Colour Correction

As world leaders in car paint colour correction techniques, we level out imperfections to restore gloss, reflective clarity and colour depth to your car or truck.


Present an immaculate front at your next auction or trade show. Namikon’s Melbourne team will apply their knowledge and passion to place your vehicle a league ahead.


Keep your vessel in peak condition with world-leading marine detailing. From restoring a faded gel coat to meticulous waxing and polishing, your boat or jet ski will revert to its original glow.


We use purpose made, science-approved products to give every surface that coveted sheen and restore a sense of luxury, with unparalleled attention-to-detail.


We know what sells. Give your vehicle the industry’s most thorough pre-sale detailing for a finish that looks brand-new and irresistible.


We offer world-leading solutions in truck care, with mobile truck detailing and services here in our fully-fitted Melbourne workshop.


Restore the thrill of the ride. We offer a maintenance regime capable of eliminating the possibility of erosion to your bike’s body and engine.