Pre-sale Detailing

Unrivaled Masters in Pre-sale Car Detailing

Comprehensive solutions to detailing prior to selling, with a quality maintenance regime.
A Meticulous Clean & Dedicated Care
From the exterior to interior detailing, our unfaltering passion is poured into every inch of your vehicle and we don’t stop until it looks brand new.
Researched Techniques
Ongoing research and observation have given us the upper hand. We know what works and what doesn’t work; what sells and what doesn’t sell.
The World’s Finest Products
The exclusive Namikon treatment is defined by ground-breaking products applied with industry-leading techniques.

A Clear Ambition

It’s a new world of possibilities.

For a car that stands out in a way that sells itself, pre-sale car detailing at Namikon’s Melbourne premises is the superior choice. 

A standard clean isn’t enough when your vehicle is being prepared for auction or sale. That’s why Namikon offers an entirely new standard of pre-sale detailing to Melbourne and our international clients, too. 

Our never-ending pursuit to bring innovation to the industry is what gives us the edge and we take the time to share what we know with our customers – giving you an edge of your own.

The Namikon Team

Individuals chosen for their passions.

Each member of our team brings a wealth of experience and were each chosen for their undying passion for the automotive industry. We care about the pristine presentation of your vehicle as much as you do and it’s our honest, professional service that keeps people coming back.

Specialising in pre-sale detailing for Ferraris, McLarens and just about every other type of vehicle – for the road and on waters – our team is there to ensure potential is exceeded.