Ceramic Paint Protection

The Pioneers in Paint Protection Technology

Expect a result that exceeds factory specifications.

Backed by chemical research and real-world observations, Namikon applies multi-layered coating films that offer unfaltering protection against fading, oxidation, water staining, bug strikes and high salt scenarios. It’s our super high gloss finish that adds new elements of safety against scratches that make maintenance more seamless for you.

The best ceramic coat car protection for cars should deliver value through longevity and that’s exactly what you’ll experience at Namikon.

Simplified maintenance

Achieve effortless results with minimal maintenance. Ceramic coating for cars makes washing and drying a breeze, even when the goal is flawlessness.

Protection against

Paint protection creates a sacrificial layer on your vehicle that minimises harm from contamination such as bug strikes and water droplets.

A lasting, brilliant shine

Leave our Melbourne shop with a car that looks fresh out of the showroom. Car ceramic coating is celebrated for its ability to maintain an incomparable shine for longer.

The Art and Passion of Namikon

It’s an undying obsession for the industry.

People in Melbourne and all across Australia are switching to Namikon because their passion for a perfectly presented vehicle is matched only by ours. We’re on a relentless pursuit to uncover the latest research and breakthrough techniques, which is how our ceramic paint protection has been developed to the highest possible standards worldwide.

With an offering of other exclusive services such as paint colour correction and premium event detailing, delivered by an expert team of car enthusiasts, our progressive ambition is always to leave you with an enhanced experience with your car.

Expert Knowledge and a Meticulous Approach

The Namikon team is built of the industry’s best.

All car colour correction and paint protection is applied to the finest detail by Melbourne’s most passionate car detailers. We’re as fussy as you about the presentation and ongoing care for a beautiful vehicle, so don’t entrust yours to the hands of just anyone.

With a business model based on attention-to-detail and quality, rather than volume, we care for your car as though it was our own – a promise that many other car detailers can’t offer.

Additional Services


We’re industry leaders in the development of paint protection technology, creating a buffer against contaminates to keep your vehicle pristine.

Colour Correction

Level out imperfections in a way that brings your car back to its original condition, just like when you first drove it away from the showroom.


Prepare your vehicle to its full potential. Our event detailing cuts no corners so you can showcase an unrivalled result at an upcoming convention, auction or other car event.


From highway to high waters, our marine detailing service is Melbourne’s superior choice when you want to maintain your vessel to the highest possible standards.


Restore your car’s interior so it’s a pleasure to drive once again. We use cutting-edge, tailored treatments on leather, vinyl, LCD and any other material you’ll find in your car.


If you’re setting out to sell, upgrade your vehicle with the finest detailing in Melbourne. For maximum value and the knowledge on premium maintenance techniques, switch to Namikon.


With specialised knowledge in the truck detailing sphere, we’re passionate about restoring your truck to its factory condition and making sure it stays that way for longer.


Protect your motorcycle from the elements with unparalleled motorcycle detailing, from a team that applies meticulous care to every inch of your vehicle.