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Protect your car’s paint against chips, scratches and other physical damage with paint protection film (PPF). Get a protection film installed on your car by the best PPF installers in Melbourne to cover your car’s exterior. Namikon Auto Detailing is a trusted auto detailing workshop that offers top-notch auto PPF warps for all types of vehicles. We only work with products from the top manufacturers to ensure a reliable, long-lasting finish for every car that we work on.

PPF is a thick thermoplastic urethane film that is applied to your car’s exterior. It is designed to protect your paint job and other exterior accessories from all kinds of damage. These wraps are immensely popular amongst Australian car owners as it offers a comprehensive solution to prevent all kinds of physical damage to the paintwork. Car paint protection films shield against a variety of threats, such as:

  • UV rays

  • Stone chips

  • Flying debris

  • Scratches

  • Bird droppings

  • Abrasive dust

  • Dirt and grime

How Do We Apply Paint Protection Film at Namikon Auto Detailing?

As one of the leading paint protection filmservice providers, we offer a simple and effective process to apply car PPF. Here is how it works:

  • Inspection: You bring your car to our centre and our experts thoroughly inspect the vehicle. They then make recommendations on the paint protection filmbest suited for you. You are informed about the features of PPF car protection and the various packages we offer. You can choose the PPF package based on your preference and paint protection film cost that matches your budget.

  • Computerised blueprint and cutting: We do not use the old method of “measure-cut-apply” on the car. Our team uses computerised modelling and a cutting plotter. This allows for creating a digital model of the car and cutting out the PPF accordingly. The result is precise, clean cuts in the paint protection filmthat covers your car.

  • High-quality film: We use top-quality paint protection filmfrom leading manufacturers. This ensures that the film applied to your car is long-lasting and beautifully brings out the beauty of the paintwork. You get gloss, shine and protection that shields your car’s paintwork and gives it a “showroom look”.

  • Experienced PPF workers: All things equal, it is the application of the paint protection filmthat makes or breaks the deal f. While there are many DIY kits available, you can get the best PPF results only with a professional installation.

Protect Your Car with Superior Paint Protection Film

Most people are attached to their cars and see them as an extension of their personality. Naturally, you want nothing but the best products when it comes to your car. Select from a variety of top paint protection filmbrands we have as per your car’s model, make, paintwork condition and the kind of protection that you want. You can always consult our expert opinion before deciding on which PPF is best for you.

Here are some of the top brands in paint protection films and their main features:

  • STEK DYNO PPF: You must have heard of STEK – one of the best-known brands in paint protection films. The STEK DYNO PPF series is known for its high quality and its self-healing properties. It protects your car from all pollutants and the toughest stains. It also provides your car with a high gloss finish.

  • 3M SCOTCHGARD: This PPF is known for its durability and is backed by a 7-year warranty. It offers a clear appliance for most paint colours. Do check with our experts before installation as it may not suit every paint-protective filmcolour.

  • SUNTEK: This is another great option for you. However, like 3M SCOTCHGARD, it may not suit darker paint jobs. Its self-healing properties help it deal with many minor point defects. These can be removed by use of warm or hot water on the car’s exterior that makes the defects disappear. Its adhesive is also quite flimsy compared to other brands.

  • XPELULTIMATE: Many experts call it the ultimate PPF. It is backed by a 10-year warranty and is among the top-selling paint protection films. It is almost invisible to the naked eye when applied by professionals. However, it may leave a line in the middle of a few panels – if not properly installed. It is also difficult to remove once installed.

  • CREED: This is among the latest brands of paint protection film. It also has self-healing properties and uses nano-coating technology. The film is almost invisible on your car’s body and is growing to be a very popular choice.


Why Choose Namikon Auto Detailing for Paint Protection Film in Melbourne?

Namikon Auto Detailing is one of the best PPF installers in Melbourne. Over the years we have proved to be an excellent and reliable service provider, winning the trust of hundreds of customers with our best-in-class service. Our customer support and experience are unmatched in quality and professionalism.

From the moment you walk in, speak to our experts and hand over your car to the time we return the keys to you, your car will be in good hands. It becomes our responsibility. Our technicians take great pride in their workmanship and consistently deliver the best results. Their professionalism is matched by their experience and eye for detail.

With us, you get:

  • Wide range of paint protection filmoptions

  • Expert installation

  • Transparent billing

  • High-quality workmanship

  • On-time delivery

  • Access to top brands

  • All applicable warranties

To find out more about our various paint protection filmsor to make bookings, you can send us an email at You may also visit our workshop at Factory 4 99/101 Western Avenue , Westmeadows Vic 3049 and see the difference yourself. From paint protection film installation to car detailing, you will find a range of services under one roof.

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Paint protection film usually lasts 5-7 years when maintained properly. In less-than-ideal circumstances, you may need to replace it much more frequently. Wear and tear also directly affect its lifespan so you should factor it in as well.

No. The paint protection film does not affect the colour or shine of your vehicle’s paintwork. It is a transparent film that is virtually invisible to the naked eye. What it does is enhance the paintwork and give it a gloss or shine.

Yes, all paint protection film can be removed. However, you need to enlist the help of a professional to remove it properly and cleanly without any damage to the paintwork.

Most paint protection films are easy to clean with warm water. However, take care not to use extremely hot water, strong chemicals or abrasive agents as you may end up damaging the PPF wrap.

Yes, the protection film can be applied to both new and used vehicles. However, consult an expert before installing such wraps on a used vehicle. It may not pay off to install a PPF on an old vehicle with damaged paintwork.


$8,000 + GST

includes ceramic coating


$4,000 + GST

includes ceramic coating


3,500 + GST

includes ceramic coating



I approached Namikon with a task of getting my classic car to present like new, and they did not disappoint! The gave the paint work new life, and made sure to pay attention to all of the finer details on the car. Their service, support, and follow ups were amazing and I will definitely be using their fantastic services many more times. Thanks everyone at Namikon, I’ve already had many comments on how well the car presents and shines, great job, I’m extremely happy!!


I picked up my coupe today, Dave and the lads have had it for a little over a week. The paint on my coupe is 24 years old, and factory black. When i walked in this morning, and saw what they had done to my car, I was stunned, absolutely stunned….The grin spread across my face unbidden, and I could not get rid of it the whole way home. I have owned her for 18 years and I have never seen her look like this, like road going black satin. I am now torn between taking her out and showing her off, or hiding her so no one can touch it!! Thanks so much guys, amazing craftsmanship.


Dave and his team are genuinely caring about one thing – to really look after your car. They took the time to answer any questions I had, and were forthcoming and with honesty. They kept me in touch during the coating process and I was impressed with what they did to my new car. The photos really highlighted the difference the ceramic coating made. I highly recommend Namikon if you want the best for your car. New or old, namikon will transform it with their magic touch.