Restore & rejuvenate, your way

When your new or used car needs a little love, Namikon’s line-up of premium packages holds the key to perfection. Our intensive detailing services have been crafted for the restoration and maintenance of any vehicle, whether you’re driving it away from a car yard or it’s fresh from a dealership showroom. 

From old classics to modern marvels and sporty race cars, more drivers in Melbourne and further afield are choosing the Namikon way.

That’s because we’re introducing a new era of car detailing to the industry. With the use of cutting-edge tools and techniques, as well as the adoption of nanotechnology that’s shifting the way we treat and maintain cars, we’ll deliver a result that surpasses your expectations, inside and out. 

All of our packages can be personalised to your tastes and your vehicle’s unique requirements. Whichever option you choose, expect all imperfections to be eliminated and the utmost protection for every surface as you move forward.

Pick your package

Our premier packages have been meticulously designed to offer unmatched rejuvenation and protection for your vehicle. With every inclusion embodying top-of-the-range processes that are chosen because we understand the systems your car needs, you can be confident you’ll drive away with lifelong value and a newfound appreciation for your car.

The experts at Namikon can advise you on the most appropriate package for you, because each one has been built for its own purpose. That means if you need pre-sale detailing, the most appropriate package will be different for someone that needs a cut and polish for events.

We can talk you through the fine details of each package and ensure you leave with a deep understanding of the processes involved and the skills to maintain your vehicle long into its future. Give us a call and let’s get started.

Expert knowledge

Exclusive packages are no longer off-limits.


$850 + GST

Give potential buyers less leverage over you and get the highest market value.

  • Wash & Decontamination
  • Paint Enhancement Polish
  • Single layer Ceramic Coating to Exterior Paintwork
2-3 day turnaround

The Premiere

$1250 + GST

Ideally suited to vehicles that are garaged and only occasionally driven or vehicles on a 2 year lease replacement cycle.

  • Wash & Decontamination
  • Paint Depth Inspection
  • 2 Stage Paint Enhancement
  • Paint Enhancement Polish
  • 2 x layer of Ceramic Coating
3-4 day turnaround

The Executive

$1750 + GST

Boasting extreme gloss and low maintenance properties with a high return on effort spent.

  • Wash & Decontamination
  • Paint Depth Inspection
  • 2 Stage Paint Enhancement
  • Paint Enhancement Polish
  • 3 x Layers of Ceramic Coating
  • Exterior Glass Coated
  • Exterior Trim Coated
  • Wheel Face Coated
4-5 day turnaround

The Royale

$2800 + GST

Alchemy 4 layer system ensuring high durability and low maintenance for a 5 year warranty period on all exterior surfaces.

  • Wash & Decontamination
  • Paint Depth Inspection
  • 2 Stage Colour Correction / Enhancement
  • Primer Coat
  • 4 x Layer Ceramic Top Coat
  • Wheel Removal & Clean, Polish, Spray Coat
  • Brake Callipers Coated
  • Wheel Arches Steam Cleaned & Coated
  • Interior Steam Clean
  • Leather Coating
  • Fabric & Textiles Coating
  • Trim Coating
  • Windshield & Glass Coating
  • Engine Bay Steam Clean + Coating
  • Exterior Trim & Grilles Coated
5-7 day turnaround

The Concourse De Elegance


The Concourse De Elegance package is unconstrained by time and forsakes all other considerations ensuring a lifetime of perfection.

A service for the discerning customer with a unique and appreciating automotive asset. Where art, passion and science combine, the Concourse De Elegance package is unconstrained by time and forsakes all other considerations for the highest quality competition spec outcome with lasting results and a unique aftercare support package ensuring a lifetime of perfection.

Get In Touch


Get In Touch

We’re as passionate as you about the presentation of a beautiful vehicle. To find out more about why Namikon’s car detailer services are unrivalled, get in touch with our team of enthusiasts. Give us a call on (03) 9317 4710 or email [email protected]