Motorcycle Detailing

Melbourne’s Masters in Bespoke Motorcycle Detailing

Restore the thrill of the ride with a clean, show-stopping bike.

Motorcycles are unique in that their entire engine is constantly exposed to the environment whether they are in storage or being used. They are also susceptible to corrosion in areas that you are unable to dry using traditional methods, leading many owners to avoid washing until absolutely necessary.

Namikon have developed a solution to these problems with a bespoke detailing and maintenance regimen that is capable of eliminating the possibility of corrosion, even in hard to access areas with Alchemy nano coatings.

The Namikon Difference

Why riders are switching to Namikon.

Each person on our team is chosen for their passion and sheer obsession with restoring beautiful vehicles to beyond your expectations. Our motorbike detailing service is industry-leading, solidifying our reputation as trusted experts, not only in Melbourne but also across the world.

Experience the exclusive service your bike, car or truck deserves. Drive away with a new understanding of the systems needed to keep it looking at its peak, and an imperfection-free vehicle that gleams.

More Services


After a deep clean, the finishing touch is a ceramic spray coating applied to all services, to safeguard your vehicle against contamination.

Colour Correction

We remove every last imperfection, from bug and bird strikes, colour swirls, water marks and more, to remind you what it’s like to drive a high-class vehicle.


When there are no prizes for second place, take pole position with event detailing at Namikon. Our understanding of the systems needed for your vehicle is second to none.


When exclusivity is the only option, keep your boat or jet ski in peak condition when out on the water and equip it with unbeatable protection against the elements.


It’s on the inside that counts, so stop using products that damage your vehicle’s luxury interior. Our custom-made products are scientifically developed for each individual fabric.


Yielding the return you deserve for your car, boat, motorcycle or truck starts with the unparalleled level of pre-sale detailing from Namikon.


Be better-prepared for long stints on the Australian roads. Our truck detailing has been developed using the industry’s latest technology.


Bring your motorbike to us or take advantage of our mobile motorcycle detailing service, and restore the thrill of the ride with a bike that shines from every surface.