Jet Ski Detailing

Jet Ski Detailing

Your jet ski was built for an incomparable thrill on the water and as time goes on, it’s easy for the effects of nature to attack your vessel, fading and ageing it. Bug strikes, water droplets and the sun slowly but surely damage the coating and you eventually lose that high-gloss finish that every new jet ski is endowed with.

Revert the effects of contamination with world-class jet ski detailing in Melbourne. Our unmatched knowledge of the maintenance system needed to restore your jet ski or boat is designed to bring back that original, unbeatable thrill.

An entire restoration regime

At Namikon, we’re dedicated to applying the industry’s most cutting-edge products to your vessel. Our marine detailing service is tailored to your unique vehicle, but takes care of everything from colour correction to paint protection and more, using meticulous levels of detail and our utmost care.

With a workshop specially designed with the latest technology and equipment, discover why mariners in Melbourne and beyond are switching to Namikon.

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