Tesla Detailing

Tesla is making its mark on the automotive industry and accelerating its transition to more sustainability. When power is everything but aesthetics are a close second, show your appreciation for your car with the Tesla detailing service it deserves. For a vehicle that is widely considered the pioneer for the future of driving, treat it with solutions created for the future of detailing.

Based in Melbourne, Namikon understands what it takes to erase imperfections and apply a mirror finish. The intricate paint systems of every Tesla vehicle requires meticulous attention-to-detail and deep knowledge of what it takes to restore the car’s appearance to factory specifications. That’s what makes Namikon stand out as the next league of Tesla car detailing.

The future is Namikon

By working closely with a major chemical supplier, we get exclusive access to their research, knowledge and historical data. We’ve embraced the most advanced developments in the technology of Tesla car detailing to offer a unique kind of value to our customers, making us the logical choice for all paint correction and other enhancement services to cars in Melbourne.

Our team relishes sharing this knowledge with our customers, to reignite your passion for the necessary ongoing maintenance that protects the future of your vehicle, and therefore your passion for owning the car. Specialising in a range of makes, we also offer world-class detailing for Audis, Jaguars and more.

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To further discuss the difference in Namikon’s Tesla detailing service, contact our Melbourne-based experts on (03) 9317 4710 or [email protected]