Porsche Detailing

The Porsche is timeless, so when the effects of time do begin to take their toll on this prestigious vehicle, owners are understandably passionate about restoring it to its former glory. Continuing to push the boundaries of growth for 65 years, the brand’s search for the perfect sports car is what has driven its progression and made its mark on the automotive industry. With a deep appreciation for this principle, Namikon offers Porsche car detailing in our Melbourne workshop that’s at the forefront of our field.

You expect innovation through design and function. Our workshop is tailor-built to be equipped for prestigious cars, empowering us to provide a Porsche detailing service that’s unmatched in Melbourne and the world.

Enhance every mile of the road with an ownership experience like no other.

A dream come true

The Porsche represents a unique, attainable dream and an exclusive lifestyle. You can keep the dream alive and remind yourself how it felt to drive the German sports car for the very first time. What it takes is an incredible amount of time and detail spent polishing every curve inside and out, and paint colour correction to bring back that stunning glossy coat it once had.

At Namikon, we’re as fussy as you are about the presentation of your luxury car, whether it’s a Porsche, Mercedes-Benz or McLaren.

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