Lexus Detailing

As a Lexus owner, you seek the exceptional in everything. The Lexus brand has a long-standing association with commitment, innovation, technology and performance, so it’s only right you continue its legacy with an ongoing regime of advanced care. At Namikon, our appreciation for fine cars is only part of what places us at the forefront of the industry. The other part is our undying obsession with discovering breakthrough solutions.

Both forces come together in our Melbourne workshop to offer Lexus car detailing that is world-leading. Because we share your values for the exceptional, our results are never anything less.

A commitment to evolution

Discover a new appreciation for your vehicle. Lexus detailing at Namikon paves the way for the industry and reveals your car in its factory state, to intensely enhance ownership and deliver long-lasting value.

Our Melbourne-based team views detailing as both an art and a science, and we’ll share the secrets of our craft with our customers to equip you with the knowledge to extend the life of your Lexus.

Whether you need to prepare a car for sale or you’re searching for the next evolution in Lexus car detailing for your own satisfaction, you’ll experience the difference at Namikon. As unashamed enthusiasts for the luxury car sphere, we’re also experts in the Maserati, the BMW and more.

Get in touch

Get in touch for the secret to keeping your car in pristine condition. Visit our Melbourne premises or call (03) 9317 4710 for a conversation about our world-leading Lexus detailing service.