BMW Detailing

Quietly confident, the BMW oozes class and character out on the road and makes everyday driving an absolute pleasure. Sophisticated craftsmanship and intelligent technology come together to make every single vehicle a piece of art that every car lover wants to drive. Owning a BMW becomes even more rewarding when you understand the endless value delivered by a premium BMW car detailing centre.

Our Melbourne workshop understands the benefits to our core. It’s what pushes us to constantly break through boundaries and enables us to offer a state-of-the-art service to our customers, that’s far superior to so many out on the market.

Breakthrough formulations

Our BMW detailing service begins with a thorough examination of your BMW to evaluate how to restore and enhance the model to factory specifications, for a noticeably more stunning coat and interior. Imagine falling back in love with your car when that depth of colour and smooth gloss coats its body once again.

We incorporate breakthrough solutions, designed with a major chemical supplier, for a bespoke service that has your car looking in peak condition – for longer.

As well as offering a BMW detailing service in Melbourne that’s unparalleled, we also specialise in enhancements for Lexus, Audi’s and most other makes.

Get in touch

Take your BMW to the next level with Namikon’s sophisticated BMW car detailing service. To speak with our team of automotive enthusiasts, give us a call on (03) 9317 4710 or simply email [email protected]