Prestige Car Detailing

Masters in Bespoke Luxury Car Detailing

The logical solution and the most advanced luxury car detailing service on the planet.

Your vehicle is your pride and joy, and taking care of it is ours. Our detailing service is second-to-none, both in Melbourne and on a global scale. That’s why clients return time and time again to Namikon for unbeatable results and a car that looks exquisite, just like when you first purchased it.

The Namikon Difference

Unrivalled master detailing

Our workshop is built primarily for practicality and secondarily for presentation, making it better-equipped to restore and maintain every type of vehicle than others in the industry. Specialising in detailing for everything from the Aston Martin to the Maserati and more, we achieve what was once thought impossible; to drive a car every day and have it looking like new.

Through a fusion of art and science, our passion flows into the attention-to-detail we’re obsessed with and means we don’t stop until a new grade of perfection has been achieved.

Qualified Professionals

Delivering superior results

The Namikon experts were carefully chosen for their enthusiasm for luxury car brands. Each undertakes the luxury car detailing service with the utmost care and a deep understanding of what it takes to keep a beautiful vehicle in pristine condition.

Our business model differs because it’s built on quality, not volume. Each vehicle that rolls through the door in our Melbourne shop is given our undying attention and treated using a tailored technique determined on an individual basis.

Additional Services

A car that’s fit for a showroom.

Protect your luxury car with ceramic coating that adds a new depth of colour and safeguards the surface from imperfections.


Correct the effects of fading, scratches, colour swirling and general ageing. Your vehicle deserves world-class colour correction to restore it to pristine condition.


Prepare to succeed at an upcoming car show or other event in Melbourne and beyond. We use a systematic approach and know the secret to immaculate presentation.


Restore your jet ski or boat back to its factory state and protect it from the contaminates that cause damage over time.


We’ve merged art with science to give your car’s interior an immeasurable standard achieved with products specially formulated for luxury fabrics.


Research, observation and an undying passion combine to prepare your vehicle’s interior and exterior for a successful sale.


The truck detailing specialists at Namikon are some of the most knowledgeable in Melbourne, utilising their skills to add maximum value to your vehicle owning experience.


The aesthetics of your motorcycle can be dented when it’s so exposed to the elements. Our detailing service will not only restore it to factory specifications, but protect it in the long-run.