Interior Detailing

The Finest Car Interior Detailing

They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, which is why we set out to deliver the most advanced car interior polish that Melbourne and the world has ever seen. 

Trusted Leaders

Our passion for cars makes it impossible for us to stop at average. We continue to offer a world-class service that’s unbeatable by most other detailers. By working closely with major chemical suppliers, we can offer breakthrough products that make our car interior detailing nothing less than revolutionary.

That means a pristine finish and bullet-proof protection for the luxurious surfaces inside your vehicle. It means a service that continues to deliver value year after year.

We’ve Merged Art with Science

When you drive away from Namikon, we want you to leave with a wealth of knowledge, from the art to the science of car detailing. Our Melbourne team prides itself on unfaltering transparency and through this, we aim to educate our clients in the ongoing care for their vehicle’s interior and exterior.

Imagine an enhanced experience every time you drive your car; a new kind of passion is achieved when you know the secrets of the trade.