Car Paint Correction

The Pioneers in Paint Colour Correction

A notably improved quality that surpasses your expectations.
Reverse the effects of time on your car. Paint correction is the exacting technique to level out imperfections present on the surface, even those that look superficial to the naked eye. Namikon harnesses cutting-edge processes to remove defects and refine the surface, restoring gloss, reflective clarity and colour depth.

The removal of contaminates

Dust, dirt, sunlight and water droplets attack your car’s surface over time. We correct their damage to restore the paint to its original condition.

A luxurious coating

It’s our pride in the final result that’s visible when you drive away. Imperfections are replaced by a high-gloss, reflective coating that’s only achievable by experts that understand the art of paint colour correction.

Future superior protection

Longevity is weaved into all of our services and we apply a superior finish to seal in the paint and protect it against outside elements.

The Industry’s Finest Tools and Techniques.

It’s our commitment to leadership on a global scale.

People bring their luxury cars to Namikon for paint colour correction, whether they’re based nearby in Melbourne or have to travel. Because their passion for an unmatched treatment for their vehicle is met by our team, they’re prepared to go the distance – just like we are.

By working closely with a major chemical supplier, we transfer their wealth of knowledge to all of our services. That means when you engage Namikon for ceramic paint protection, interior detailing or something else, you can be confident we have a deep understanding of the systems necessary to achieve a result no less than perfect.

Expert Knowledge Shared with our Clients

Gain the knowledge needed for the rest of your journey.

We want you to drive away with more than a beautifully restored car. All paint correction specialists in our Melbourne shop will share the industry’s key techniques, empowering you with the knowledge to maintain your vehicle in the long-run and providing a unique kind of value.

When you understand the secrets behind our passion, you reignite your own passion for your car. Drive your Range Rover, Mercedes Benz or other automobiles away knowing it’s in the best hands for its future; yours.

More Services


Pioneering the industry, not only in Melbourne but also the world, we apply the industry’s most innovative paint protection products and techniques to safeguard your vehicle.

Colour Correction

When fading, scratches and colour swirling have aged your luxury vehicle, our colour correction process is tailored to your car’s surface to restore it back to pristine, high-gloss condition.


When a stellar presentation is paramount, event detailing by Namikon applies meticulous attention to every detail, maximising your car’s potential at its next event.


The marine detailing specialists at Namikon possess an unrivalled knowledge of restoration and correction techniques for boats and jet skis.


The central heart of your vehicle, the interior, should be maintained using specially-developed products created using advanced surface science for cleansing and protection.


Achieve the sales result your car deserves. With a deep understanding of what works and what doesn’t, our car detailers can present your vehicle in a way that exceeds every expectation.


As Melbourne’s number one master detailers, our services extend to trucks and other large vehicles. Visit us for unrelenting endurance and protection on your journey.


We care as much as you do about your prized possession and it’s our passion to enhance your daily experience with your motorcycle. Our detailing offers the most thorough, advanced service it’s had yet.