Namikon: The Next Revolution of Car Detailing

At Namikon, we spend our days achieving the impossible. We offer services that empower you to drive your car day after day and have it looking and feeling as new as the day you bought it. When you leave traditional vehicle cleaning in the past and open up to a world of new possibilities regarding car maintenance, you’ll see just how our fine car detailing can enhance the experience of owning a car like yours.

Situated in Melbourne, our customers visit our premises from far and wide to treat their vehicle to the best car detailing techniques currently available in Australia and throughout the world. When this much passion is poured into providing your automobile with a truly incomparable cut and polish, we see a job as unfinished unless your car looks fit for a showroom.

Full disclosure; we’ll share our industry secrets with you

To us, car detailing is an art and we like to share the secrets of our passion with our customers. By understanding the techniques needed to maintain the aesthetics of your vehicle, you can extend the life of the detailing and extract maximum value from Namikon’s services.

That’s why we don’t stop at a car polish, ceramic coating or interior detailing. Instead, we provide resources to clients to ensure our services pay for themselves across the duration of ownership. Since maintaining your car is about the way you use products, rather than just which products you use, we talk you through superior techniques that take aesthetics to the next level, for longer.

With our unfaltering support and dedication to transferring our own expert knowledge to you, imagine the possibilities for years after you drive away from our Melbourne detailing shop.

Here’s why people are switching to Namikon

In this industry, there are no prizes for number 2. That’s why we strive to provide the best car detailing in Melbourne and when cutting-edge techniques are paramount to progression, we excel in every area.

With a workshop built primary for practicality, we’re far superior and better-equipped to provide solutions for your vehicle, whether it’s been impacted by paint defects, hard water staining, general wear and tear or something else. We don’t just supply products to give your vehicle a superficial new lick of life; we work closely with major chemical suppliers to develop revolutionary solutions specific to our environment.

It’s this merge of scientific research and a deep understanding of the system needed to keep a car in pristine condition.

It’s our use of the latest developments in nanotechnology and cutting-edge equipment that enables us to achieve the highest possible standard the industry has to offer – on a worldwide scale.

It’s the unrivalled enthusiasm of every car detailer at Namikon and their expert knowledge, tested and confirmed by real-world observation.

It’s the reason people are switching to Namikon when they seek exclusive service from an experienced, honest team for their Porsche, Bentley or other luxury vehicles.