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Melbourne’s Finest Car Detailing Service Provider – Namikon Auto Detailing

Like every car owner, you want your machine to look its best. Car detailing can improve your vehicle’s appearance and make it shine like new. For the best car washing and detailing in Melbourne, look no further than Namikon Auto Detailing – the car detailing specialist. As one of the top detailing service providers in the city, we provide the best results using only high-quality products.

Car detailing services require expert hands, custom cleaning agents and the latest techniques. Only trained professionals can bring factory freshness to the car with their multi-layer cleaning methods that remove all dirt, dust, rust and pollutants. Our staff use only the best procedures with their extensive knowledge and years of experience to give your car a million-dollar look. Moreover, you will find our services not just satisfactory, but good value for your money as well.

What Does Our Car Detailing Services in Melbourne Offer?

As a professional car detailing services provider, we use only the best quality cleaning agents for a spotless finish. We believe that vehicle detailing is not just about cleaning but also about protecting your car from rust, grease, and grime. Also, it is not just the car’s exteriors that matter, but the interiors as well – clean seats, steering wheel, glasses and lights.

Our services include:

  • Exteriors and interior washing and cleaning: Car detailing is much more than a thorough wash using soaps or cleaning agents. Your car’s interior and exterior are thoroughly cleaned to remove all dirt, stains, food and drink spills and invisible bacteria.

  • Clay Treatment and Polishing: We use clay bar treatment for a much smoother finish. This also ensures that the exterior is free of contaminants and delivers the perfect shine after polishing.

  • Scrubbing and Brushing: The interiors are subjected to intensive scrubbing and brushing for the best results. Our car detailing ensures that you are seated in a super-clean and posh setting every time you open your car door.

  • Leather Treatment: We take special care of your leather upholstery using effective but safe cleaning agents. They will not only look but also smell and feel fresh.

Our Exterior Car Detailing Methods

The cleaning process for car exteriors at Namikon Auto Detailing is detailed and effective. We are committed to providing nothing but the best for your vehicle. No matter what the model and make of your vehicle is, we can clean it better than anyone else.

Here is how our exterior car detailing and cleaning process works:

  • Inspection: The car is thoroughly inspected to identify scratches, rust or accumulation of grime that needs extra attention from our team. We will note the work to be done and present you with an estimate. Accordingly, we will recommend the best package for your needs. In case of any damaged parts, we offer replacement of the same.

  • Washing: Our team uses high-quality cleaning products to thoroughly clean the car. High-intensity jet spray is one of the tools used to clean the car from top to bottom.

  • Claybar treatment: This removes any contaminants or cleaning agent residue after a car wash has been done. It presents an uncontaminated surface that brings out the best shine and beauty of the car after waxing and polishing.

  • Polish: This removes scratches on the surface and restores the factory or showroom look of your car.

  • Waxing: Wax is then applied as the final step after the entire process is complete. This adds a glossy finish to the car’s outer surface and adds an extra shine while also forming a protective layer on the paint.

Our Car Interior Detailing Methods

Interior cleaning of the car is as important as the exterior. It makes your car safe and gives it a fresh look and feels. Getting car detailing services for your interior will add to ride comfort and improve car hygiene. We cover the following as part of our interior car detailing services:

  • Vacuuming the interiors: Every surface is vacuumed for a thorough cleaning of the car interior. Every inch is covered, including the dashboard, steering wheel, trunk, and foot mats.

  • Brushing and steam-cleaning: We use steam-cleaning to scrub the mats and carpets. This also involves brushing to remove all stains and blotches.

  • Leather upholstery cleaning: Our cleaners use high-quality cleaning agents to clean the leather surfaces and accessories in your car. This is then dried thoroughly and treated with shine-enhancing agents specifically made for leather.

  • Glass and mirrors: The window glasses, including the side and rear-view mirrors, get dirty easily and ruin the look of the car.

  • Dashboard: This is one of the most visible areas of any car that you and the passengers see every time you drive. Unfortunately, it is also the number 1 spot where bacteria, grime and dirt accumulate.

  • AddingPerfume: As the last step, we install a good quality perfume or car air freshener to fight off odours and maintain freshness inside the car.

Why Are People Switching to Namikon Auto Detailing in Melbourne?

Namikon Auto Detailing is a leading name for car detailing services in Melbourne. We provide detailing services at very competitive rates which makes it great value for money. Our team is friendly and takes great pride in their work. Equipped with years of experience and the best auto detailing tools, they deliver the best results every single time.

With us, you get:

  • Approved and safe cleaning products

  • Reasonable prices

  • Specialised detail car wash

  • The best results

  • Friendly staff

  • On-time delivery

  • No over-promising

  • All charges and estimates upfront

  • Excellent customer experience and support

For bookings, you can email us at You can also visit us at Factory 4 99/101 Western Avenue , Westmeadows Vic 3049 to find out more about our car detailing services.



I approached Namikon with a task of getting my classic car to present like new, and they did not disappoint! The gave the paint work new life, and made sure to pay attention to all of the finer details on the car. Their service, support, and follow ups were amazing and I will definitely be using their fantastic services many more times. Thanks everyone at Namikon, I’ve already had many comments on how well the car presents and shines, great job, I’m extremely happy!!


I picked up my coupe today, Dave and the lads have had it for a little over a week. The paint on my coupe is 24 years old, and factory black. When i walked in this morning, and saw what they had done to my car, I was stunned, absolutely stunned….The grin spread across my face unbidden, and I could not get rid of it the whole way home. I have owned her for 18 years and I have never seen her look like this, like road going black satin. I am now torn between taking her out and showing her off, or hiding her so no one can touch it!! Thanks so much guys, amazing craftsmanship.


Dave and his team are genuinely caring about one thing – to really look after your car. They took the time to answer any questions I had, and were forthcoming and with honesty. They kept me in touch during the coating process and I was impressed with what they did to my new car. The photos really highlighted the difference the ceramic coating made. I highly recommend Namikon if you want the best for your car. New or old, namikon will transform it with their magic touch.